Musings of a Confused Soul

Which aisle is Habanero Sauce in?

A month ago, I happened to see a quote and I thought... hmmm... 🤔

I think I will try that....☝️ So I actually did. 👍 Here is what happened...🧐

I went to the grocery store, picking up stuff and putting it in the cart while slowly walking.

Right at that moment, this lady who was passing by, stopped and said while maintaining her 6 ft distance...

“Hi, excuse me, do you happened to know which aisle I can find habanero sauce?”

I suddenly thought of the quote and smiled in my brain.

Then, I looked at her with a shocking expression on my face and said,


I can never forget her expression! Priceless!!! Priceless!!! Priceless!!!

I wish I took her picture with that expression!!!😝

Of course, after a few seconds we both started chatting and laughing. Then we became grocery shopping friends.

I really hope deep down, she figured out I am not an alien or a ghost 👻 😝

Oh well, who knows, even I don’t know who I am! 🤪


08.06.2020 05:07

Sudha chandra

She must be shocked when u said like that. Anyway u got a new friend.

08.06.2020 05:34


Yep, at first confused and then shocked and then laughed!!! 😂

05.06.2020 07:41


U R An Angel.,😃

30.05.2020 05:03

Madhu Bapna

Very funny Aruna !! I like your spirit. You must have spooked her out. Ya. I do wish there was some way I could see her expressions I would have flipped. Good way to make friends too . 👍

30.05.2020 05:23


Yes Madhu, try it, it will be fun and can make others laugh too. 😃

29.05.2020 05:32


But I know !!!😀😁😳😌

04.06.2020 03:09


You are an Angel

29.05.2020 22:13


Oh thank God!, please tell me, who am I?

29.05.2020 00:50

Malvinder Kaur

You seem to be great at making friends at the grocery store! :)

29.05.2020 05:12


😆 for sure. You are one of them. But with you, like I mentioned before, we probably were friends in our past lives too! 🤔🤗