Musings of a Confused Soul

#7. Nutty Conversation!

Pumpkin VS Watermelon!

My daughter purchased tickets for the Avengers movie. I was looking forward to it. Once we got into the theater, the seats were so huge and relaxing. It would be for a king or a queen sort of feeling I got.

Once I sat, my daughter went to get some popcorn for me. She doesn’t eat, but I do.

On my left side, there are 3 seats. In the middle seat, an old man who looked like a little kid was sitting with a large cup of soft drink.

After a few minutes, a young lady comes in and sits next to me. She was carrying a humongous pot or something. I smiled at her and she smiled at me.

After sitting down she pulled her nail cutter knife from her bag and started to cut the top of that ‘pot like thing’.

While she was doing that I was looking at the pot, and saw some seeds inside the pot arranged in a meticulous way. It almost looked like beautiful necklaces inside it, with diamonds, pearls and rubies.

She saw me looking at it, so she pulled one of the nuts and asked me “would you like a peanut?”

I said “oh no thank you. But is it a peanut? I think it is almond.” She said, “No this is a peanut” and then she pulled out another nut and said, “This is an almond”.

I looked at it and said, “No that is pistachio.”

The little old man, heard us talking and said,” Those are NOT nuts, those are precious jewels” Then the young lady tells him, “Okay kiddo, these are not jewels, these are nuts”

While our conversation was being a bit nutty, another young guy comes over to her and brings another pot and tried to give it to her. She tells him no I already have it, you have that pumpkin”

I looked at her with a strange look. What is she talking about?!! Pumpkin?

She tells me the guy is her boyfriend and he is always so nice to her. I said, “That is so sweet. But why are you sitting separately?” Then she says, “Yeah, we have to, because, the only thing we are different about is, he likes pumpkins and I like watermelons. That is why I got Watermelon with nuts in it. You saw him get Pumpkin with nuts in it, right?”

Just then my daughter comes with my popcorn while taking it from her hand she started saying, “Mom, careful, mom…mom….mom….” Then I ...hmmm.....


29.04.2020 06:46

Malvinder Kaur

It is very light hearted friendly conversation. I like it.

30.04.2020 01:49


Thank you Jugnu 😃

11.11.2019 19:04


It sounds like a dream you might have had. So silly.

14.11.2019 00:17


So Silly for sure!!! 😝

28.08.2019 14:55


You are one nutty nut Aruna. Was funny. This will be my go to page when I am feeling down🙁 down

28.08.2019 15:02


Ha ha!! Yes I already am aware of it! 😂 me being a nut that is! 😝