Musings of a Confused Soul

Out of Body - Out of Mind

What I am about to write may or may not be that weird depending on who you are. I guess it doesn’t really matter whether all of us believe in supernatural stuff or not. This story that I am about to write is my real-life experience and mine alone. I am not trying to change anybody in their views on this subject. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone.

Just read it as if you are reading a fictional story. Only I know that this is not fiction. J This story was from the early 1980s. I completed my daily routine that day.
My daily routine consisted of cooking, cleaning, watching TV shows while drinking a lot of coke. Gosh…what a waste of my life then. By the way, this comment has nothing to do with what I did then because I do those now too, except, instead of drinking coke, now I eat a lot of chocolates.:).
But WHY I only did those… was my question?
Not enough thinking went on in my brain then. J Well whatever, past is past, right? At that time, I was always fascinated by dreams. As a habit, I kept a notebook next to my bed on the nightstand to document those.

Yes, I have a lot of funny, incomplete, scary, mysterious, stupid and nonsensical dreams. I wrote almost all of those down. I still keep a notebook in my nightstand.

Okay, this was what happened…
My husband and I finally decided to go to sleep went to sleep after bickering about all the insignificant events of that day!!
May be around 11 pm I dozed off and when I woke up, or so I thought!
I started to feel like I am floating in the air. Then I came to the conclusion I was dreaming. But it felt so real. I did not have any thoughts after that moment and started to look around while floating.
I realized I was floating with my face down and my back up. Woooo hooo….then suddenly I saw myself sleeping on the bed and saw my husband next to me.!!
Suddenly some sort of fear came over me. All kinds of thoughts swarmed into my conscience.
Why am I seeing myself sleeping? But I am here floating! Isn’t this a dream? Suddenly that feeling of emptiness came over me and knew for sure I was dead!
I couldn’t understand and I was in a daze. I was trying to call my husband and no response. While I was still doing that I had no idea what happened but I zoomed out (if you imagine going through a time warp that was how it was) of the room and in a fraction of a second I felt floating again but this time not at the same place.
I was in India back home in the living room floating against the ceiling.
I was once again shocked…well actually I did not think anything :) I saw my brother ‘Sarat’ trying to rotate the tube light standing on a chair and my dad was sitting in his usual chair reading a newspaper. I kept calling them but they did not seem to hear me. I tried and tried and then gave up, still floating though and now I am in my old bedroom.
I saw my mom reading some letters. I called her over and over but she couldn’t hear me.
I wasn’t sure what was happening then. I suddenly felt an urge to leave and as if someone pulled me with such a force, I just woke up on my bed by gasping for air.
After calming myself down, and made sure I am back to reality, I turned the light on my nightstand on and took my dream diary. Wrote exactly what happened and how I felt, in it.
I couldn’t wait to write home a letter about this dream. While I was writing, my husband woke up and asked me what I was doing. I said to him, “Oh nothing I am just writing a bizarre dream I had. Just go back to sleep, I will turn the light off shortly.” So he went back to sleep.

In those days, we did not make phone calls to India as we do now. Mostly we communicated through letters.
Too bad we don’t do that anymore. The art of writing letters is diminishing. Anyway, I just couldn’t control my enthusiasm in telling everyone back home about my dream. It was weird because I always had weird dreams but never felt the way I did after this one. Somehow, the dream felt real.
So, I decided to make a phone call instead of writing. I called and my dad picked up the phone and said “37136”. 
That was how people used to answer their calls in those days by saying their phone number.
So I talked to him for a minute as to how everyone was doing, etc. He said that they had some guests over for dinner and then said: “Here talk to your mom”. I immediately said, “Ok one sec…I will talk to mom but let me tell you a strange dream I had last night”. So I explained exactly the way I experienced.
Just FYI…My dad says he is an atheist. He does not believe in God or anything supernatural. He always said, “as long as I am doing the right thing that is all matters”.
Good philosophy. But how many people do the right thing these days anyway? 
Hmmm… that is another topic entirely. While hearing he kept saying, “ok…ok…” then suddenly at one point he said, “wait, say it again…” That was when I said ‘Sarat’ was fixing the tube light part.
So I said it again. Then he was sort of quiet for a few moments and then said with a bit of enthusiasm “ Well…’Sarat’ WAS fixing the tube light because we were going to have people over for dinner and the light started to go on and off so he was fixing it.
At that time I was sitting in my usual chair reading my usual daily newspaper. How can you know that?” 

I was shocked!!.

My dad said, “I can understand me sitting in my chair reading the newspaper because that is what I do every morning anyway.
But ‘Sarat’ fixing the light is something there is no explanation for.”
So what happened here? Did I actually die? Did my spirit or soul went through some sort of a time warp and reached India and saw the actual events happening? My heart was beating so fast. I was confused!
Was I delusional or was it really real?
Well…what I heard on the phone from my dad was puzzling and bizarre! Then I suddenly remembered the other part of my experience!

That was where my mom was reading letters in my old room.. So I told my dad about that too. He said “I don’t know, here talk to your mom” and gave the phone to her. I went through the whole thing all over again and asked her if she was reading any letters in that room.
She said ‘NO’ !!!