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Scaring your little brother...BooHoo!!!

It was a pleasant evening. Getting a bit dark. My cousin Geetha and I sat in our car which has a license plate APG 9037, just right in front of our beautiful lotus designed grilled front door. (There is no reason for writing the license plate number. It just got stuck in my brain!)

It was a bit dark and we were waiting for our parents to come home. While Geetha and I were chatting away about everything and anything, we saw my little brother coming from the living room towards the grilled door.

He stood in the doorway and started to look towards the gate. He did not see us sitting inside the car, which was literally right in front of him. So we decided to play a prank on him. The car windows were closed. We slid down on the seats and almost sitting on our backs so he won’t see us. Then we slowly lowered one window slightly and started to make really ghost-like noises. Booooo…Hoooo…etc, etc..

We saw him react to the sounds. We started to giggle. We could see he was scared. He started to look at the Neem tree up and down to see if those sounds were coming from there! He immediately went inside almost running.

We started to laugh but controlled our laughs when we saw him slowly peeping his head again to see where those noises were from. For a little guy, he was curious and brave enough to venture into the unknown.

We started to do the same thing again. At this point, he lost it. He started to scream. That is when we gave up and got out of the car.

While seeing us getting out he got scared even more thinking we were ghosts. But after seeing us laughing he got mad and complained about us to our parents when they got back.

We got some scolding but hey…it was worth it. LOL. I still tease him about that incident. Of course, he says he was not scared at all. Yeah…Right…Puhahaha.



01.09.2019 14:28


Is it a dream

01.09.2019 06:11


Hahaha. Now, even I will start teasing him from today.

01.09.2019 06:29


LOL 😂! He was too young then. Do he doesn’t remember. But ask Geetha. She should remember.