Musings of a Confused Soul

Stubborn Child!

One stubborn child got what she deserved.
She was coming back from school in a rental rickshaw along with 5 more kids. It was her turn to sit at the footrest by dangling her feet. Everyone was talking and having fun while Sattar the rickshaw wallah was taking all of them home.
This stubborn child had a pencil in her hand. That pencil was so short and almost used up. But she refused to use a new one even though she could. She had some new ones at home. As a matter of fact, the conversation was about that pencil, amongst all those kids.
Q: “Why do you use that one?
A: Why not?
Q: Why can’t you use a new one?”
A: Why should I use a new one when I still have this one?
Q: Isn’t it too small?
A. Why do you think that?
This stubborn kid only knows how to answer a question with a question!
A bit too self-assertive for her own good, I would say.
“Because it is.”
“No, it isn’t….”

While this conversation was going back and forth, the pencil fell off.
She screamed like hell.
Sattar and the rest were startled.
She asked him to stop.
He said why?
She said “my pencil fell down I need it. Stop…”
He said “It was too small, it is okay, you have other pencils”.
She screamed “NOOOOOOOOO!!! Stop the rickshaw”.
He ignored her screams and kept going… She just jumped from the moving Rickshaw and fell down and hurt her knee so bad.
But still went back to get that pencil.
Stupid kid!!
Now she has a mark on her knee for life.