Musings of a Confused Soul

Is my culture individualistic?

I recently came across an article. It has to do with how individualistic people are in this world, in different countries. Title of this article is ‘Wheat People VS Rice People article’

My opinion: Maybe I am being picky. But, here it is. Very interesting article, well thought of and analyzed based on the countries chosen.

As a person from a culture that is one of the ancients in the world where 1.3 billion people exist, who eat rice not to mention it is second to China in rice consumption, and it is also the third largest consumer of wheat. This was not even mentioned in the article. How can the results be accurate?

To keep my pet peeve aside, my opinion is, what we eat has nothing to do with individuality. This does not prove if a country can be individualistic or collective.

I believe it has to do with the culture, tradition and the way of life in general. Maybe, in the long run, that is to say, thousands of years from now if the world still is global, maybe then, we will know for sure. But thank god I won’t be here then.

This is what happens when people disregard others who should also be part of the whole. I may be sensitive to this. I guess this is how the stupid ‘wars’ start huh? I am not trying to start one by the way.

But then again…what is my culture? I have no idea….I am into too many cultures. I practice more than just my tradition.

Okay, I digress. Bottom line… Is my culture individualistic or collective? Hmmm…!!! Good question.