Musings of a Confused Soul

God OR Alien?

One of my convoluted musings on who created us? God or Alien?

I am pretty sure most of us, if not all must have pondered through this question. Or, may be not! Can you imagine what a human can do if he/she can only use more than 3% of their brain?
I know there are a lot of people who “theorized” based on their experiments that humans have a capacity to use up to 5% or even 10%, of their brain, which is debatable.
So what happens if we use more than this normal 3% of our brain? May be when we are in a sleeping mode a percentage of our brain can access certain unknown and unseen “applications”!!
That makes me think, did somebody, program our brains just the way we program all these applications we use on a daily basis?
Well, who could that be? Some Aliens? Are they monitoring us somehow? Oh well, I am going into some creepy subjects here huh?
It couldn't have been 'God'! Could it?
Did God program us to be the way we are?

My concept of God is, he is not in a need to know anything (all knowing) and not in need of anything (all-encompassing).
If that IS so, then what is the reason He/She/It would program us for?
So it must have been aliens…Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL


26.08.2019 02:52


I like this one because I wonder a lot who or what programmed us with our minds and our souls. Why were we created and what is our purpose on thi earth.

26.08.2019 07:10


Thank you Jan. After watching all those ancient alien episodes, it makes me wonder!🤔