Musings of a Confused Soul

Senseless Thinking

Almost 8 years or so back, I read an article on one of the blogs which I frequently visited. One was about “Thinking”. Which made me “think” to write about my “Thinking” part.
Thinking…that is one thing I rarely do.
As the article states, ”Distraction not only kills people, it also kills the thought.” Too many distractions, hence no thinking due to death of the thought.
Talking about simplicity from complexity or vice versa…… As someone once put it,
“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”
This sentence may seem complex but in reality, it does not make sense to make it complicated. It is way too simple. Yet, we make it complicated. Just because we can. :)
If a man does not think, then he does not think for himself…
If he does not think for himself then he does not think at all…
If a man cannot think for himself, can he think for someone else?
If he can think for someone else does that count as thinking?
Why do people think too much?
Alright, my brain is getting heated right now with all this thinking.
As Buddha once said
“What we think…we become”!!
I am afraid I have become senseless!!!
WOW!!! and WHAT!!!... WOW!!!
I am confused at first.
I am confused with thought vs thinking and bees vs peas.
Not to mention “the more bewildering the complexity observed”…
I don’t know about the solution being simple!!!
Well, I guess it should Hmmmm!!!!
Would peas intrigue me?
Let me think….!!! Sure…not just because they have flowers but those are hidden in a pea pod is what would intrigue me.
Oh yes…!! I really am intrigued by the paint bucket family!!
Aaah!!! Those were the good old days…(I am sure I was there), so carefree and plenty of time to think….(about what?….I have no idea!!)
With no multitasking just thinking,
Watching apples fall and just thinking,
Letting the birds poop on the head while thinking….
What did we achieve so far…bottom line…
we still need to think more.
Don’t you think?
It really made me think.
Now I am a thinker! Yay!
Am I confusing you?
I guess that is a good thing.
You are thinking too! LOL 😝



02.12.2021 11:42

Jessica Nimoy

Hmmm. I will have to think about this...

03.12.2021 23:15


Ha Ha Ha!!!

11.09.2019 10:47


😄😄sometimes I like thinking senseless things but right now my grandson is not giving me anytime to do so.

20.07.2019 22:03

Mary Rose

I think I am already...senseless

20.07.2019 00:38


I definitely need to think about this one...hmmmmm

20.07.2019 21:27


Ha Ha Ha!!! Don't think too much MaryRose, then you will become senseless, just like me!