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Is Fake Smile better than No Smile? 
A long time ago, I was having a conversation with someone, about people in general. The topic turned to people smiling at strangers while walking by and my experiences on how people communicate with each other by showing a smile and saying “Hi” or “Good Morning”.

That is when someone commented on it by saying, “In America, people are fake. They show fake smiles, they just smile and say hi to anyone and everyone who would come across their way”! All Fake!!!”
[Calm down my friend]
For example: When you are stepping into the grocery store and see someone coming out and says “Hi” or shows a friendly smile OR First thing in the morning, going to work and being nice by showing a smile, even if you don’t know the person, and saying “Hi” is not a bad thing.

First of all, I would not consider that as a fake encounter.

I always wondered why is it people from different countries are always jumping to form negative images of Americans and America BUT still eager to come here and make this their home!! Please do not judge Americans for everything they do.

We have people here who are just like everybody else from every part of the world with different traditions and cultures. We are all trying to blend in. As long as it is not hurting anyone what is wrong with that. Besides, Trying (NOT faking) to be nice to others may be the first step to take, which can lead to friendships too.

Keep in mind, America was built on people from all over the world and is still in the process. That includes people like me from India. That is not to say, there are no bad people due to whatever reasons, in every path of life and in every country.

I am not going to let those people take charge of my life and let me be an angry, unhappy, complaining and discontented person.
[I guess I am complaining now]
We are all the same. We are human beings and we all need people in our lives. I would rather be nice that way with anyone than ignore when they are whole-heartedly smiling and saying “Hi” to me.

Believe me. I have seen enough people who act as if they are purposely ignoring you. I mean, ‘Non-Americans’.

They act as if they have a stick up their ‘you know what’. This seems to be a part of their newly acquired culture for a lot of people who newly arrive in America. I am not part of that culture and I don’t want my culture to deviate.

A friendly smile from anyone, whether it is a fake one or not, makes you feel good for that moment. Please... for God’s sake!!! Keep smiling and make this world a better place.


01.10.2022 02:17


Totally agree! Smile in any language means the same!😊😊😊 it is uplifting and positive in the simplest way!!

14.06.2021 20:38


I absolutely agree with you. I always tell, smile is free without spending any money you can make others feel happy and welcome. I know, who doesn't smile people who comes from our own country sadly.

06.03.2020 07:31


Hi dear Aruna, I read that. I like it , I agree with you fake smile better than never smile.. I like smile , smile can Makes every good things. I try keep my smile ( of course real smile) 😊😊🙏🌸❤️

24.03.2020 19:38

Aruna Koka

Yes keep smiling