Musings of a Confused Soul

Chapter #6 – Sort of a funny ending, I guess… story is not done yet. I have one more day left. You probably are guessing what might have happened...right?

On 21st, I wanted to go to ‘Asakusa’. There are so many places to see there. Especially a shopping street called ‘Nakamise’ where you will find traditional Japanese stuff such as kimonos, and interesting souvenirs, etc… It is near another beautiful Buddhist temple called Sensoji. Sensoji is the oldest temple there in Tokyo. When we went last year we visited that place and I really liked it. The lantern of that temple is used as their landmark in that town. The gate to that temple,  is called ‘Kaminari-Mon’. This is also written on that huge lantern. Guess what…OoooooHoooo we are getting to that fun part where you have read in my writing before.

So I got all my plans in place for the next day. Got ready.

By the way, remember I was mentioning about the lantern and what it has on it? It reads “Kaminari-mon”. There is a meaning to that phrase and it played its part on that day.

All right already, don’t go google it now. I will tell you what it means. It means “Thunder Gate”!! I opened the curtain and saw Crazy …windy… rainy… unbelievable weather. That is correct. Hmmmm!!!!

Anyway, I decided to go at that point and I sort of did not care. I was about to step outside the hotel, receptionist runs towards me with an umbrella. I thought that was so sweet. I thanked her and looking at the umbrella to open.

That is when I heard the receptionist say “Oh Oh….”.

I looked at her and she was looking outside. So I followed my gaze towards where she was looking at. Then, you wouldn’t believe what I saw. A lady walking with an umbrella that was all curled upside down and drenched in water.

Then I quietly gave the umbrella back to the receptionist and said, “No thanks I will just sit in my room and watch Japanese shows. ☹

Finally left for home on the 22nd morning. I must say it was an adventure or should I say “a missed adventure” …which I will remember forever.

Thank you all for patiently reading my story. Although as it was happening (most of it anyway...) it might have been frustrating. But now looking back at it it was not that bad. I have collected some interesting memories to keep. Don't you think?


17.10.2021 16:49

Kalyani Arudi

I read all the chapters! Definitely a good example of making lemon into lemonade!
Like your spirit did not give up when your Indian visa was unavailable! You had an adventure and a story 🙂

18.10.2021 17:26


Thanks Kalyani. I am glad you read it. Yes, we have to look at life that way, otherwise it would be depressing and boring. LOL

08.06.2021 20:12


That was a certainly a biggest adventure. Wow unbelievable for sure. Enjoyed reading but felt sad for you though. Written beautifully. As I read I can picture those events in my mind as I am watching.

18.10.2021 17:24


Thank you Shyamala for reading my funny story. Yeah, at the time it was difficult but when I look back it actually was an adventure.

11.06.2021 22:05


Thank you for reading and posting your comments Shyamala 🙏