Musings of a Confused Soul

Chapter #4: Got stuck in the airport

That is correct…I was in the airport for 30 + hrs. From 2 AM on 16th through 1 PM on 17th. So what was happening during these hours you ask…I will tell you…

Could not leave the airport since I did not have the return ticket yet. My daughter purchased the ticket and tried to send the confirmation email to my email. Unfortunately, my phone did not work.

I had to go back and forth to the Internet café inside the airport to read my emails. I went to the airlines counter and asked them if they can check to see the confirmation. They said I need to have a confirmation email with a number! I asked them if there is a way to print out my emails from the Internet café. They said ‘no’! I had to go to the transit hotel to ask them if I can send my emails to them so they can print it for me. They said ok. So, I had to go back to the Internet café again to redirect my emails to the hotel desk so they can print out 2 pages from each email a total of 6 pages. (3 e-mails- 1 for the ticket, 1 for hotel booking outside the airport in Singapore and one for the hotel in Japan).

HOWEVER, when they started printing, 6 pages became 81 pages with 2 lines on each page…sheesh can life get any funnier!!

(At that point I wasn’t sure whether I should scream, shout, laugh or cry) Well, I decided to laugh out loud and the receptionist started laughing too. That made me relax for a few minutes.

Finally, on 17th around 1 PM, I went through immigration and got out of the airport. My beautiful daughter booked a 5-star hotel for me!! I started to yell at her as to why she did that. She yelled back at me and said "Mom, just relax and have fun. I am the one who bought the ticket and it is on me". Little did she know what is waiting for me in my immediate future while vacationing!!.

Finally, I reached the hotel and decided I would just relax for that day since it was already past 2 pm by then. I went to the Concierge’s desk and got information on what to see the next day. They gave me a list. Since I have only one day in Singapore, on 18th I planned to go visit the world’s largest Aquarium and the Asian civilization museum from the list on 18th.

I got up the next day got ready and was so looking forward to visiting these 2 places. While getting ready I kept hearing a lot of noises and thought maybe someone was moving something….so I did not give it any more thought. Just before leaving the room I opened the curtains and nothing but rain pouring down like CRAZZZZZZY with thunderstorms the whole day. That was what I heard t…h…u…n…d…e…r….It was like that all day So I obviously I couldn’t go anywhere. Just went around the airport again. Boo hahaha …Ke ke ke!!!


08.06.2021 19:58


Too funny and sad 🤣 but you dealt very well with every situations.

18.10.2021 17:29


Thank you...

15.06.2021 00:28


Thank you Shyamala 😊

11.06.2021 22:02


Thank you...