Musings of a Confused Soul

Chapter#2: Accident...Accident!!!

 Now I am so excited about going to India and being with my mom and dad on their 60th wedding anniversary. Trying to get everything in place and have the stuff to buy and pack and what not.

While going to work in a merry way, (yep, couldn’t wait to go to work!!, I love my work! I live for it!, Puhahaha ), on the freeway, I was driving and suddenly an SUV hit right behind the driver side.

Can my life get any better? Well, I guess I am thankful that I did not end up in a hospital. Okay, we both stopped, the guy apologized. We exchanged info, called the insurance and the decision was made that it was the other guy’s fault. Dah!!

Comedy of errors continues..... You would not believe what happened next!!

That weekend, I had to take my car to the body shop. Decided to get a rental for one day since I will be leaving for India on 14th, and took the day off on 13th. So I got into my rental car to go to work.

Couldn’t wait to go to work... because…. (yep, couldn’t wait to go to work!!, I love my work! I live for it!, Puhahaha)

Guess what? I was driving and I almost reached work, maybe 5 to 10 minutes more, I suddenly felt a jolt. At first, I thought oh well it could JUST be an EARTHQUAKE…what else is new in California! We are all used to it…or so I thought! Then I realized that it wasn’t an earthquake.

I wasn’t really sure for a second what happened! Then suddenly…. this lady who came to my right lane and hits my car on the passenger side, passes me by and goes in front of me and kept going. I signaled her to stop, but she kept going and going…. I decided to follow her.

Followed her for a couple of minutes. Finally, she stops. After stopping she says…” why are you stopping me I did not hit you”.

My reaction at that second was…Am I imagining this? Am I sleeping? Maybe I am just dreaming all this!!! BUT, I snapped out of it.

I was shocked…I said to her in a very sharp tone “OF COURSE YOU HIT ME" and I gave her a look, which screamed “ARE YOU MAD??? “

By the way that is my usual look.

Story continues…I had to show that lady the damage to my car and went to her car and showed where the damage is on her car. Finally, she came to her senses and realized that she hit my car. I had to deal with that incident with rental people in that remaining one day before my halfway across the world trip.

Luckily my daughter took extra insurance on the rental and so I am not liable for any damages. They have also decided I was not at fault anyway. Another Dah! Sheesh…Okay …Dah! Dah! Dah!

Are you guys enjoying this? Wait, the story is not done yet....Coming up soon in Chapter #3.


08.06.2021 19:46


Are you kidding? Unbelievable

18.10.2021 17:28


Ha Ha Ha!!! Yes. Unbelievable wasn't it?

15.06.2021 00:27


I know right?

11.06.2021 21:37


I know right? Ridiculous!!!