Musings of a Confused Soul

Chapter #1: Credit Card Turmoil

This is how my funny story started. It was March of 2014. I say it is funny because I don’t want to use any negative words to make it even ‘worse’. Well, there I go using one negative word already!

On one Sunday morning, while I was still sleeping, my phone rang and woke me up. It went to my voicemail. In my sleepy state of mind, all I heard was ‘credit card blah blah blah….’so I thought it was a sales call and did not pick up.

Later that afternoon I heard the message in full. Basically, they were calling me to ask if I have used my card lately since they noticed several transactions. Most of those are McDonald’s, Restaurants, Gas stations, grocery stores, department stores, auto shops, etc…. I immediately called the credit card company and asked them 'what was going on'. They said my credit card was pretty much used up, my entire limit!

I got panicky and immediately went online to check my credit card. I never use this card but someone obviously used my entire limit. After talking to the Credit card company, they assured me that I will not be liable for any charges and they will look into it and set up alerts. Finally after communicating with several people and credit bureaus, etc, it is all taken care of.

Or so I thought…..Then this weird incident happened. After a few days later, I noticed that my mailbox did not have any mail for the past 2 days!! That is NOT normal. I always have mail. Sometimes junk BUT I still get the mail.

On the third day, May 1st when I opened my mailbox, I saw a notification from the post office which stated, that they are providing a reminder that I have placed a hold on my mail. My heart rate went up. Got panicked. I did not even go inside the house, immediately went to the post office. Spoke to the manager there and found out that somebody placed a hold on my mail online and they were going to pick it up on May 3rd.!!!...

Okay, here is more...I told that manager that I did not place any request and got my big bundle of mail, that was on hold, and got home. In that mail, there are a few newly ordered credit cards under my name.!!!

Basically what happened here was, whoever got hold of my credit card that was sent by my credit card company as an upgraded card, was put in somebody else’s mailbox by a ‘newly appointed mailman’ (Obviously this guy was not trained properly) and that person took it out and left it outside and someone else took it and used it.

While doing so they have also ordered 4 more credit cards from different companies and placed a hold on my mail. Their plan was to get the mail from the post office and use those cards.

I reported this to the Police. First time going to the police station. Felt weird!! This is all unbelievable, isn’t it? But it happened.

Well...don't think my story is over....Nooooooooo way...more to come. Watch out for Chapter #2 coming up soon.



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Oh my goodness, that was scary 🤣🤣