Musings of a Confused Soul

Face to Face, Heart to Heart OR Hart to Hart

US President Barak Obama’s most recent quote during his last speech in India on Republic day got my attention and stirred some past memories, sort of lingering on in my confused brain. Although what he was referring to had nothing to do with jogging my memory to post this incident, but the movie he chose the dialogue from did it.

This movie was one of the most successful romantic Indian movies, called “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” which means, “The guy with the most romantic heart will take the bride away”. Oh well…something like that…J

When we try to translate a beautiful phrase it loses beauty.

When I was still young (er), I was going home from work on 101 Freeway. I was in the next lane to the fast lane, which was not a carpool lane.

While driving, I was listening to one of my favorite… beautiful… and romantic songs from this same movie.

The song goes like this…
“Tujhe dekha to eh jaana sanam…pyar hota hai deewana sanam”, etc. etc.
To my non-Indian friends, that sentence means:
“ I realized that love can lead you to insanity the minute I saw you”
naaah….that was just made up by me.
It literally means:
“I realized the second I saw you, that love can be crazy”
Okay maybe not literally….but, something like that.
As I mentioned before, some times it is hard to translate a poetic expression in its actual phrase.

Alrighty, now back to what happened…I was driving and listening to this romantic song and was really relaxed. I kept singing along too. I do that a lot when I am driving alone. I don’t really care who is looking at me while I am singing! LOL!

Suddenly I realized, there was this car next to mine in the fast lane going along with the same speed as my car. Not fast for a fast lane! I did not look but I was aware that it was going with the same speed right next to me. Suddenly I stopped singing.
At first, I thought…’ why is this car following me?’ Well, …it wasn’t really following. If it were, then it would be behind me. Right? Ke Ke Ke!!! So I kept thinking…’ is this person trying to tell me that my car door was not shut right?’ Immediately I checked. It was fine.

Keep in mind this was all part of my confused brain’s thought process. That person didn’t say anything. Then he still was going at the same speed. At that point, mind you...I didn’t know if that was a he or a she.

I thought hmmm…maybe the trunk was open…! My heart jumped a bit with that thought! So I looked in the rear view mirror and it looked fine... Sheesh…thank God. Then I started to wonder! Why is this guy ‘following’ me? I still did not look at the person driving. I see there are no cars in front of that car for quite a distance, but it still was going at the same speed as I was!
Then I tried to speed up a bit and that car imitated. Then I slowed down... He slowed down too.
I repeated that a few times and the other car did it too. I thought that was funny and enthralling at the same time.
Finally, I decided to look. Those few seconds I looked, all I saw was this handsome face looking at me with a smile. After those few seconds, I looked away with a serious face. Then I started speeding. I had a rush in my brain.

At that very second, an opening scene from a popular TV show came into my mind. It seemed like we both came ‘Face to Face’ for those few moments, but... neither “Heart to heart” nor “Hart to Hart”.

Of course, I never saw this guy again. He was definitely good looking just as ‘Robert Wagner’ was in those days, maybe more. It could have been one of those past life references. Or it could have been he was so captivated by my facial expressions, while I was singing, or maybe he felt amused! I would go with the 2nd choice.

Whatever it was…so true… “Bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai” meaning(In large countries, little things like these bound to happen) LOL!