Musings of a Confused Soul

Morons, Stupid people, Nincompoops…!!!

I forgot that the time changed and reached work at 7 am instead of 8… Grrr….
Oh well, I guess I can leave early. Yay!!

But I didn’t. I wanted to finish what I was doing and by the time I stepped out, it was a bit late. Driving down the 101 freeway towards East. The scenery is so captivating. It was amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. But I couldn’t completely enjoy the feeling because I was driving so needed to be alert.

My mind started to sing inside my brain.

The hills are alive with the sound of traffic…
With sounds, they have heard for 80 years… 

The hills fill my heart with the sound of traffic…

My heart wants to shout every time I hear
My heart wants to beat the car that is near
Which comes from one lane to the other

My heart wants to caw like a crow 

That flies across as a breeze…and blah blah blah...

Then I noticed it was getting a bit dark. Hmmm…time change! So I turned my headlights on. Driving with that song in my mind. It had been 20 minutes and I am still driving. I noticed some of the cars did not have their lights on.

I started to deviate from my musical brain to irritable brain. “Oh great, why don’t these people turn their lights on? It is getting dark. Don’t they know it is dangerous to drive without lights at night?

If a car is about to change the lane and did not see the lights they can cause a major accident. Don’t they know this? Are they stupid? Oh, come on…turn your lights on you morons…you stupid people…you nincompoops and so on and so on…”

I am about to reach my exit, suddenly felt so tired. I did not want to cook once I get home. I wanted to go to ‘Ralphs’ grocery store on my way to pick up some frozen dinners. As I turned onto Ventura, I noticed way too many lights with high beams behind and bothered my eyes. I restarted my irritable engine in my brain.

“My God... lower your headlights, you morons, …You stupid people,…You nincompoops and so on and so forth…” They are on the surface street. Why do they need to have their lights with high beams? Boy people are really stupid. On and on… “

While doing so I inadvertently passed the grocery store. And I got even madder…Grrrr. Well, now I have to go to Trader Joe’s (grocery store!). Okay fine, actually that is better. So I went there got some stuff went to the cashier, paid with my card and asked for some cash back and waiting for her to put the stuff in the bag. While doing so, I just happened to see a lady with a really beautiful dress. I started to look at the dress. It was my favorite color. She wasn’t looking so it is okay for me to look. Ha Ha!! Cashier gave the receipt, I took it and got my cart and started to leave. Suddenly the cashier said, “Ma’am your cash.” with a smile.

Oops, that lady’s dress really distracted me. I took the money, said ‘oops sorry’ and ‘thank you’ then left. I went to my car and about to start, and then I called my daughter (Silly me, I should have called her before going inside LOL) to ask her if she wanted anything from there. She said, “Mom, can you get Fish Fillet, French fries, large lemonade and a... maybe spicy chicken sandwich from McDonald’s?” I said Okay.

On my way, I went to McDonald’s drive-through, ordered the stuff through the speaker…or whatever that is! The guy said “$9.39”. While waiting in the driveway, there were way too many cars behind me in the line with their glaring lights on. I once again started to get irritated. I have to move forward to pay first before picking up the food. So I drove forward and paid. Then needed to go to the next counter to pick up the food.

Before leaving I happened to see some charity ‘drop in box’ right in front of the first counter. So I wanted to put some money (Coins) and I was looking for it with my eyes infused with glaring lights through the rearview mirror, in the dark. These lights behind me did not help much. Finally, with the same irritation, I dropped some coins and drove.

After a minute, I realized that I did not pick up the food!!! What the heck! I just yelled at myself. My God! What am I doing?!? Now I cannot back up. So I have to turn around and went into the parking lot parked my car and went inside McDonald’s. As I was stepping in, I noticed just one guy waiting, and the attendants inside were talking about this person who did not pick up the food, and sort of laughing about it. I heard them and waited for them to finish and said, “That was me…sorry, I just drove through without picking up” and made a face and started to laugh, they all laughed including the guy who was waiting for his food. (This situation seemed similar to the one I experienced before. Why do these things happen to me?!)

I felt so embarrassed. Got out with the food, put the bag in the car, then headed towards home just two more blocks. I had to turn right onto ‘Owensmouth’ street, just before reaching it, a car just crossed so fast, and so close I was startled. Once again my irritable mood came back.

“Why don’t these people learn how to drive? These people are giving me heart attacks…morons, stupid, nincompoops…blah blah blah … “

I guess I need to learn more curse words.

I slowed down and I was driving and suddenly it felt like I was on the wrong road. It did not look right. I was confused, I slowed down and started to look for the street name and confirmed that I was on the right street and increased my speed (within the limits of course). My street came, I needed to turn left, once again it felt weird. I turned left and then turned right and reached my driveway and suddenly…. the whole driveway was dark. Huh!!!

Now… Who is the Moran? Who is the Stupid person? Who is the Nincompoop? Funnnyyyy Ahahaha.



08.06.2019 20:02


I did get the gist of the last sentence, but I don't like the fact that you called yourself a "moron" or "stupid" since those are quite derogatory in tone, even though you did it in jest.

08.06.2019 23:37


Hey Kim, I wouldn’t call it a self derogatory remark. It is actually “excessively modest” remark! LOL 😝

08.06.2019 17:54

Kim Selbert

This was a funny story and it illustrates how we are quick to blame others rather than ourselves for things that affect our wellbeing. I liked the part about forgetting to pick up the food.

08.06.2019 19:08


So true Kim. I always wonder why these kind of things happen to me most of the time? 😂
BTW, I am assuming, based on your comment, you got the gist of the last sentence, right?