Musings of a Confused Soul

Stopped by a COP!

We hear people mentioning different ways to avoid problematic situations. Or read about all those self-help books which would help us in managing our day to day life. We read and listen to those at the time when we are vulnerable. But we sort of put it at the back of our heads and never use it again. Isn’t that right? Or is it?

One fine day I was getting back home from work on 405 freeway. I was almost home. I just had to take my exit (Wilshire) to get home. Too much traffic and people are so impatient. Some people don’t give way on purpose even after you give your signal. What to do when you are about to pass by your exit?

I was close to my exit. I was trying so hard to get into that lane. Traffic on 405 as usual, was crazy. I had no choice but to go over the double yellow line. Suddenly I hear ‘wroooo…!’ sounds, with some gaps. I looked into my rear view mirror and see a cop car behind me and I heard him on the loudspeaker “Please pull over to the side”.

My heart almost stopped. My goodness, I never got a single traffic ticket in my entire life. Now I am going to get one. I know I made a mistake by crossing the double line. Oh, God!! I don’t want a ticket. I hope he doesn’t give me a ticket. When I say he, I don’t mean God. I meant the cop. Because God can be he, she or it, however, you look at it. Well, for that moment they are like God. They have that power to stop you and give a ticket. So they can be God. Now you may ask…which God? Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim…???...okay, I digress… Confused Soul.

I pulled over to the side lane. He parked behind me. He got down with his hand on his gun. In my brain I was having all these thoughts in those few seconds he walked from his car to mine. Why did he stop me? Just for crossing the double line? Why does he have his hand on his gun? Did I really do something criminal? Did I hit someone? Or maybe an animal? Why would the animal be on 405 freeway? Well, then again maybe that animal wanted to join the rest of us animals!

Oh great, he is almost at my car.

Suddenly I had a revelation. I remember a friend of mine, telling me about an incident that happened to her, which was similar to mine and, how she avoided getting a ticket. The difference between her incident and mine was the type of a possible ticket. She was speeding and I was not.

He is at my car. He asked me politely, “Ma'am. may I see your driver’s license and registration?”. I immediately said “Yes officer” and while taking my license out, instead of explaining why I had to cross the double line, I started out with, “I am so sorry officer, I have never ever received any traffic ticket especially speeding ticket before"…
He did not stop me for speeding and I know it),
"Oh God are you really going to give me a ticket, I never got one before"… blah blah blah!!! with a sad, desperate and whiny voice along with a really sad face.
I already have a sad face so just wanted to show more of my concern by augmenting my facial expressions.
He was listening while looking at the driver’s license and the registration, and then he was about to say something at the same time another car crossed the double line and started to go.

The cop immediately went in front of him and asked him to stop. The guy who was driving that car was an older guy. I was watching the whole thing from the rearview mirror. He stopped and started to get down. The cop got nervous. He said to him in a loud voice “Sir, please stay inside the vehicle” He had his hand on the gun again. That guy was not able to understand what the cop was saying…so he was still trying to get down. The cop went to him with his gun out. The guy then sat in his car. He talked to him for a minute and then gestured him to stay in the car after getting his license and registration. (I am assuming that was what he got).

Then he came over to me and gave my driver’s license and registration back and said. “It is alright Ma'am, I am not giving you any ticket. But please DRIVE CAREFULLY AND DON"T BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM and have a nice day”. I will never forget those words. I said “Oh… thank you so much, officer. You have a wonderful day too” I put my stuff back and drove home happy



12.07.2022 23:04


You were very lucky Aruna 😊