Musings of a Confused Soul

My First week in the US

One of the funny episodes in my life dating back to more than 'so many' years.It

After getting married, arrived in a country that had nothing in common with India then. Trying to get adjusted to the fact I was away from everyone I was ever close with in my entire life.

I grew up in an environment where there was always activity from the second you get up in the morning. Especially in my home we always had cousins, friends, and relatives visiting and being a part of my family. It was one big happy family environment. I grew up with so much affection, without actually saying it in words. I never had to think about what life had in store for me. I led a happy go lucky life.

When I came to the US, at first I felt like everyone abandoned me and sent me away to be with someone I barely knew, and in a place, I had nothing to relate to.:( [It is completely the opposite now of courseϑ].

I started my life in the state of Georgia, where, then-President Jimmy Carter was from. When I arrived in Athens, Georgia, the first thing I noticed while my husband was driving in a humongous light blue car sitting next to him watching the streets go by, I kept thinking something was not right! What was it! I even said to him, ‘There is something STRANGE! It feels WEIRD!’. So many thoughts were going on in my mind.

Of course, another thing that I noticed was, all through the streets beautiful trees and plants blooming with red, white and yellow roses all over the side streets. Some red Bougainvillea too. I thought ‘there is no way people would let those be there if these streets are in India’. My experience was, people always plucked flowers from the other side of the wall in our house without asking us, to offer to their Gods. A good reason to steal things huh? Well, it is for God so that should make it right. We can blame it on Him or Her or Both.

Of course, I am thinking this way now. But then people picking flowers from the outside is not really stealing. We never thought of it that way ever. So I wondered why those flowers were still intact here on the streets! Any way that was a side track…

Well, coming back to my mystifying, and puzzling thoughts on “something that was not right”… I kept pondering about it every now and then that day.

Then, the next day came. I forgot about it until when we went out to get groceries, once again sitting in the car while my husband was driving, those thoughts came into my mind. “What is wrong? Something is off! I could not pin point what it was…” L

Then the third day came. Once again we were in the car, same weird feeling came over me. Then suddenly…. I figured out what it was!!!

I solved it! I finally solved the puzzle and put my mind to rest.

Oooo…hoooo!!! No honking of horns!!! LOL. Unheard of in India. ...I mean.. we always hear it in India Ha Ha Ha!!! That is part of our way of traffic life.