Musings of a Confused Soul

I got a gun GIVE me the money!!!
$20s, $10s or $5s?

It had been 6 months in my new job and I got promoted to train new tellers.

One fine day I got ready to go to work. Grrr!!! Arggg…I had to cross the street to get to it. What a chore! I did, with a smile on my face hopped across singing a Bollywood song.:)


At that time I had one new teller I was training. He had been there only for 2 days at that point. The training period was for 2 weeks. He still needed to get more information for me to train him on. My counter is next to his and watching him deal with the customers and helping him whenever he needed. When there were no customers our usual process of training went on, such as going through manuals, documentation, etc. He was doing well with the customers so far.

Everything was going well…it was almost lunchtime, I was with a customer at my counter and I see this man with dirty clothes and messed up hair walking up to the new teller’s window. That was when I knew something was off. While dealing with my customer I started to observe my trainee too.

Basically, the guy who walked to his window gave him a small slip of paper. The new guy took the slip and read it. Then he asked him “How would you like it sir, $20s, $10s or $5s OR do you just want a $100 bill?”

I did not know what was written at the time. I slowly went towards him right after my customer left. I saw the slip on which a sentence was written. It said, “ I have a gun. Give me $100 now”.

By then the guy was agitated and started talking loudly “JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY. GIVE ME THE MONEY “. The teller was very composed and said to him “I will sir, but you need to tell me how you would like the bills, would $20 bills be okay?”

Listening to the way our new teller was talking, I thought maybe I was in some comedy show. The guy was even more agitated and started looking around and saw several people watching him. He said, “I got a gun GIVE me the money”.

That is when I said “okay we will…just one second”…while I started to take the money out, the guy looked like he was really scared for some reason. I guess seeing 2 people in front of his face and several other people staring at him made him uncomfortable. Obviously, he was on a lot of drugs.

So he just ran away without taking any money!!!

By the way, I had not even gone through the process with the trainee on how to deal with robberies at that point, hence the confusion.

However, come to think of it, by being ignorant he actually saved our bank a total of $100. What the heck?!?

Who in the right mind would ask for just a hundred dollars when robbing a bank? Is that even worth it?