Musings of a Confused Soul

Shiny and Tiny Silver Revolver


By now, I was promoted to a new accounts representative position. I was so glad I didn’t have to deal with counting money and praying for not to encounter any robberies. I had my own special desk. Ooohoo… •

On another fine day, we were all going about doing our jobs. I saw there was a line of just 2 people waiting for a teller to open up. No clients at my desk so I started to check on how many accounts I opened for that week. Suddenly I was startled by loud screams.

Everyone started to scream and this guy who was maybe 5’ 8’’ holding a silver-colored gun, which was sparkling. I was fascinated by the sparkles on the gun. I had never seen a real gun before that day…ever… other than in TV shows and movies of course. But that didn’t count. This was really real.

[hmmm….I wonder why it was sparkling! Why did he have to polish it before robbing the bank? I wonder what kind of polishing liquid he used! I had a few items, which were made of silver and a bit rusted. If I only had the same polishing cream or whatever it was, I could make all my silver plates and jewelry to shine just like that revolver. It looked like a revolver. I wonder where he got that from?]
Sorry…I digress….
He started to waive that revolver at each and every one of us. I thought if I were in the new accounts area I didn’t have to worry about robberies. Oh well….I was wrong!

He kept going back and forth from New accounts area to tellers’ area. He seemed extremely nervous. Obviously, he was on drugs. So we just kept quite on our side. Tellers gave the money along with the dye pack that was hidden between the money. He took it in a rush and left. It all happened within a minute or two.

As soon as he left we closed the doors and the alarm was already in motion for the police to arrive. We started to look at the way he was running and suddenly the dye pack went off leaving the guy in a shock and the entire face was covered with color.

This was not a ‘Holi’ (Festival of Colors) mind you, but still, we all laughed so hard looking at him through the glass windows and we were still laughing when the cops got him red-faced and red-handed.