Musings of a Confused Soul

#1. A Prequel to my stories on Bank Robberies

Before I write about the topic, I had to write a bit about the reason I got into the banking industry.

Isn’t life funny? It just throws stuff at you and you are supposed to take it without any complaints. Well, that is all good and dandy as long as we come through all the hurdles and sit back and talk about those with a smile on our face. On the other hand, life shakes a person so bad he/she takes another path entirely where there is no coming back.

Thanks to my parents, my grandma, my aunts and every other person who crossed my path and influenced me to be a better person and take life with a grain of salt which made me strong.

Now, this may sound like a story of discrimination…well it was. Unfortunately, I was discriminated by my own people.

Any time I say that my daughter always says, “Don’t keep saying ‘my people’ and ‘your people’. There is no ‘your’ or ‘my’ people. People are people. People are the same everywhere. Some are good and some are bad, no matter what their color or culture is. That is it. Period. Don’t try to be a racist”

In case some of you don’t already know, she was my grandma in her past life.

We moved to Boston from Long Island, Almost a year later, I got a job at a software company owned by an Indian guy. Actually, I got 2 jobs. He also had a Respite service for elders and he wanted an admin for that area and he said I could work 4 hours as a programmer and 4 hours as a Respite coordinator. And slowly transit into development. Well, I had to start somewhere so I accepted both positions.

There was another coordinator doing the same job as I was. She was not an Indian. I was doing well and 1 year passed by. My coworker got a raise and I did not. I was not sure why that was at the time. I worked just as hard or even more. I deserved a raise and did not get one.

So I asked the owner and his response was that his company was not doing well financially and he cannot afford to give me a raise at that time. But he said I would definitely be getting a raise next year!!

He gave a raise to my coworker so she won’t leave. He figured that since that was my first job I wouldn’t leave anyway!



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That is not fair at all.

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