Musings of a Confused Soul

Hilarious Incident with Cops

 It was a Saturday and as an FSM in the absence of BM, it was my responsibility to open the branch, before the rest of the employees arrive. So, I came early, went in started to get everything ready for opening. I was waiting for the tellers and the Customer Service staff to get in soon. It is almost opening time. But no one showed up yet, which was odd!

So I started to wonder and went to the glass entry doors to see why no one is there yet and if anyone is even coming. It was one of the scariest situations I ever was involved in.

As I started to glance through the glass doors, at first, I thought someone was filming a movie!! The first image was... 4 cops fully equipped with combat gear, at least it looked exactly like one of those shows we have like 'Law and Order' or 'Criminal Minds', carrying shotguns aiming at the door. I was in a shock and not really sure why they were aiming at me!

Due to the condition I was in (A total SHOCK!!!) I couldn’t move and started to gaze at them without moving. Then slowly I noticed there were more than 4 cops on the opposite side. Finally, one cop signaled me to come out. So I started to unlock the door like a robot. Then I noticed, as they saw me unlocking the door their posture changed from rigid to relaxed. Then I have seen all the employees behind the cops.

Huh? !!! What is going on?!!!

Slowly I came out the door and immediately this cop signaled me to come out, and then grabbed me towards the rest of the team. Then the others were still aiming their shotguns at the door.

I was confused!

The cop asked me, “Are you okay miss?” “yes, but what happened?, Why are you here?” I said in a confused state of mind.

Then he said, "we got an alarm at the police station from this branch". I said, “…but I turned the alarm off within the set time as soon as I entered, I have been doing this for a while now and I know I turned the alarm off.”

Finally, the bottom line was, my timing was off a few seconds and due to that all that commotion…Ha Ha Ha!!!