Musings of a Confused Soul

#4. Hope you will have a better day!

Oh…MY Gunness…!!! (That is short for goodness!!! LOL!)

When I heard this from my daughter I was speechless!!!

My daughter went to get some coffee at Starbucks drive through. There was an SUV in front of her car. In front of that SUV there was another car. The lady in that car was ordering...

But the person in the SUV was getting agitated because the car in front of him was not moving! He started to express his anger by using his hands in an agitated manner by showing his middle finger. That guy was getting mad at the lady for not moving away from the window.

There was no way she could move without taking what she ordered. He started to yell at her by using obscene words. “ B#@$%…. move forward”.

The lady in the car started laughing and tried to tell him with hand gestures that she could not move because she was waiting for her order. The guy started to yell at her by saying “ You retarded B#@$%….” and honked. She couldn’t move. Again he honked.

At this point, the lady got down from her car and went to the guy in SUV and said to him, in a pleasant way “Can you see… I cannot move my car because I am waiting for my order. If you can wait for a minute or two, I can take my order and leave”. Then she goes back to her car. He again yells at her “ You F@&$…ing B&%#@….” and points his middle finger pointing up in the sky for her to see…again!

She just ignores him. The lady was talking to the attendant who was taking the order. She was telling ‘something’ in a low voice. After a minute or so she takes her stuff and leaves.

Now it is the SUV guy’s turn to order. He pulls towards the window. SUV guy ordered his Coffee. The attendant hands him over his stuff and says to him, “You do not have to pay sir. The lady who just left paid for your coffee and she wanted me to convey to you that she hopes ‘you have a better day’. The attendant repeated the same twice. I wish we could all be like this lady when things get rough. Hats off to her!


14.06.2021 20:28


Wow that lady is an angel to have that much patience with that crazy Guy. Wish more people are like her.